time of great depression

It took ten years of ‘living the blues’ for this album to emerge, and already it can be considered crucial when talking about the regional blues scene.


Bebè Na Volè is a guitar virtuoso, a raspy and recognizable tenor with an uncompromising approach.

-Zoran Stajčić,

Bebè Na Volè's Time of Great Depression truly sounds as if it was recorded deep in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.

There is no doubt that Bebè Na Volè possesses a great sound and can, without hesitation, stand alongside the world’s most renowned artists.

-Mladen Lončar–Mike,

Minimalistically played confession blues creates a dark and seductive soundscape inspired by the old masters with an occasional modern day sonic surprise.


Time of Great Depression is a great 2015 release.

-Zoran Tučkar,

The greatest value of this album is the author’s unique signature that has been honed and crafted for over a decade.


Bebè Na Volè does not copy the greats of the 'black sound'—he creates his own.

-Zoran Stajčić,

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